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Mentoring Startups @GoogleDay Mumbai supported by Google. #Gday16

Mentoring some great upcoming start ups curated by Google Business Group Mumbai which is supported by Google.

Google Day which was on Dec 17th 2016, The agenda was overall revolving around the theme of Tech Carnival.






In the Pic: Mentoring Piconergy Social Enterprise – Clean technology Picoenergy exists to address the pressing issue of energy poverty in rural and urban India.



Further Details can be found in the below link:

User Experience, UX Seminar, UX Workshop, workshop

Workshop on Building a Wow Product for HeadStart Mumbai

Conducting a workshop on “Building  a  WOW  product”   at SP Jain Institute.



You could download the presentation below.

Building a wow product 

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About the Workshop:

Building a wow product

  1. 1. @RuthlessUx “Everything is Designed & Everything is simple. If it ain’t simple enough, It just ain’t designed well enough”.
  2. 2. “Building  a  WOW  Product”.      Shaheena  Attarwala     Head  of  Design    |    Wigzo  Technologies  |     Blogger  :     8th  April  |  SP  Jain  Institute,  Andheri  (W),  Mumbai
  3. 3. House Rules & Etiquette •  You  can  survive  without  your  cellphones  for  a   few  minutes   •  I’m  a  big  fan  of  interactve,  let’s  try  and  wait   for  logical  breaks  before  we  debate,  discuss,   comment   •  So  that  we  don’t  talk  over  others,  please   indicate  that  you  have  something  to  say
  4. 4. I’m  Usually  Unpopular   •  Just  a  li7le  about  me   •  This  is  a  much  larger  topic  &  I  will  try  to  do  jusFce  in  60  minutes   •  What  I  have  to  say  can  be  construed  to  be  CONTROVERSIAL   •  What  I  have  to  say  is  NOT  ROCKET  SCIENCE   •  Simply  because  Building  Usable  Products  is  NOT  ROCKET  SCIENCE,  (despite   our  best  efforts)  to  cast  that  impression   •  I  deal  with   –  Basics  -­‐  (usually  forgo9en)   –  Common  Sense  -­‐  (The  Most  Uncommon  Thing)   –  Prudence  -­‐  (Whatever  That  Means)
  5. 5. Shaheena  Attarwala  aka  @RuthlessUx   •  Head  of  Design  at  Wigzo  Technologies   •  Founder  PurpleCube  Design  Studio  (2009  -­‐  Present)   •  Ex  -­‐  Designer  BookMyShow(2009)  and   •  Ex  -­‐  Co-­‐founder  &  Design  Head  at  Truss  Networking   (2014)   •  UX  Blogger  at     @RuthlessUx
  6. 6. Building  a  WOW  product   ~   Taking  WOW  decisions
  7. 7. UI  -­‐  Interface  Elements     UX-­‐  How  a  user  gets.  from   point  A  to  point  B.
  8. 8. There  are  a  very  few  known   techniques  that  can  precisely  and   consistently  shape  a  good  ux   Keep  it  simple  /  Relate  to  things  people  used  to/  Learnt  it  anecdotally  /  via  Experiment
  9. 9. Beauty  is  secondary
  10. 10. UQlity  Comes  first  |  Beauty  is  secondary   MasochisFc  teapot
  11. 11. Users  resist  change   Stage  changes  |  Beneficial  for  your  company   E.g. Digg did a major UI change and had a massive user exodus. One Week> Digg3.0>DiggApocalypse Timeline changes / Homepage changes
  12. 12. Users  resist  change   Fool  them  slowly   rather  than  quickly
  13. 13. Make  users  feel  smart  (Salt  &  Pepper  Rule)   Don’t  hide  things  in  complexity  in  design.
  14. 14. Be  Specific   Pick  one  go  with  it   1.  Narrow down to your exact target users and focus on doing well there. Make your scope very specific (specifically your first adopters) e.g. Amazon started as an online marketplace for new books. Google was only search. 2.  Building. Just start building. 3.  Speeds up design and development time {Agile} Just get it out there 4.  Guides testing (Collecting data. Get all the data about how your user is using the app and analyze it. ) 5.  Gives marketing individuals early insight into user acquisition strategies 6.  Narrow down number of variables for testing. Simplify. Simplify based off the data you’re collecting. 7.  Saves Money 8.  Keep Vision of Dream separate from NOW. Pick one Go with it! Focus on Now!
  15. 15. Top  Strategies
  16. 16. CupCake  a.k.a  Be  Agile   Be  Fast  and  Furious   1.  Build the simplest version that solves a single problem 2.  Get customers for feedback ASAP  3.  Iteration of the product with customer feedback v/s
  17. 17. Don’t  be  a  vitamin!  Try  to  solve  a  Problem   Don’t  be  a  nice  to  have   1.  If you build a vitamin or don’t solve a tier 1 problem, people will use your product but never pay for it. And that will rip you apart. 2.  Solve a tier 1 (or top 3) problem for your potential customers. 3.  HOW? •  Regular feedback from customers •  Conversation rate is trending up over time and your churn/refund rate is trending down •  You have at least 40% product-market fit with existing customers
  18. 18. You  can’t  manage  what  you  don’t  measure,     Data  don’t  lie   1.  Determine your top 3 metrics 2.  If you’re “flying blind” then sooner or later you’ll crash into a mountain, without even realizing it’s in front of you. 3.  Track? •  Revenue, AOV and Conversion •  3 primary metrics and 3 secondary metrics, (refund rate/churn, profit etc)
  19. 19. User  eXperience   Keep  It  Simple  and  stupid   1.  If you can’t easily explain your products or services to the average person, then they’re probably too complicated. 2.  Every time the user experience is great (and continues to be great over time), that startup’s revenue grows like a weed. Every time it’s confusing, revenue growth is much tougher and in most cases very, very slow.
  20. 20. of  consumers  would  be   willing  to  spend  more   money  with  a  company   that  provides  excellent   customer  experience.     Source:  Defaqto   h7ps://­‐service-­‐stats-­‐55-­‐of-­‐consumers-­‐would-­‐pay-­‐more-­‐for-­‐a-­‐be7er-­‐service-­‐experience.html   55%
  21. 21. Companies  that  provided  excellent  customer   experiences    v/s     Group  that  wasn’t  focused  on  the  customer   experience.       Between  2007  and  2011,  the  CX  leaders  not  only   outperformed  the  broader  stock  market  (27%  be7er   than  the  S&P  500)  but  performed  128%  be7er  than   the  companies  not  focused  on  CX.       In  fact,  the  CX  laggards’  returns  showed  a  loss  of   46.3%.     (source)     128% Watermark Consulting compared the stock performance of a group of
  22. 22. Mobile  conversions  and  Omni-­‐Channel  Experience   of all mobile searches are goal-oriented and help customers make a decision 45% Source:
  23. 23. User  Onboarding   45% of users give up if registration is hard In a Study provided by Adaptive Path, Bank of America conducted research into why they were falling behind their competition. The outcome of this project was a huge success due to a drastic change in usability. Source:
  24. 24. With smartphones becoming ubiquitous, especially among the educated urban upper-middle class Indians, Myntra was betting that its customers would accept the loss of the web option in return for greater user experience
  25. 25. Understand  Users!  Do  research!   h7ps://­‐myntra-­‐app-­‐only-­‐disaster   h7p://­‐business/Flipkart-­‐drops-­‐its-­‐plan-­‐to-­‐go-­‐app-­‐only/arFcleshow/49751060.cms   h7p://­‐myntra-­‐is-­‐going-­‐back-­‐to-­‐its-­‐desktop-­‐version/43199/1   May  2015   ●  Mobile accounts for 70-80% of e-commerce traffic today. ●  Forcing users to download the app and shutting out rivals. ●  Within 9 months reopened its mobile site
  26. 26. Majority  of  our  daily  media  interacFons  are  screen  based   Flipkart is not going completely app-only. It has reintroduced a mobile web option – something it had discontinued in March. 2015 ●  Amazon quickly took advantage. Thanked consumers for making it the most visited ecommerce site in India. ●  Billion Day sale 1. Browsing on the desktop is much more easier than on mobile app 2. Sorting and applying filters may be difficult on app 3. No more choices, you are just trapped 4. Mobile device and mobile internet limitations 5. Competitors are on Multiple platforms, user may switch easily
  27. 27. Build  -­‐  Define  User  Journey   1.  User  Personas   2.  IdenFfy  Journey   3.  Solve  Journey  problems  and  errors   4.  IdenFfy  loopholes     5.  IdenFfy  use  cases   6.  IdenFfy  dead  ends  and  escape  hatch     Iterate.  Speed  is  the  king
  28. 28. User  Personas   Sketch  out  what  your  users  are  like
  29. 29. Stop Thinking! Keep Building! Keep Iterating! Speed is the king! Iteration is the King!
  30. 30. Source  :Google  -­‐    The  New  MulF-­‐screen  World:  Understanding  Cross-­‐plarorm  Consumer  Behavior  -­‐  August  2012
  31. 31. Majority  of  our  daily  media  interacQons  are  screen  based   Source  :Google  -­‐    The  New  MulF-­‐screen  World:  Understanding  Cross-­‐plarorm  Consumer  Behavior  -­‐  August  2012
  32. 32. Computers  keep  us  producQve  and  informed   Source  :Google  -­‐    The  New  MulF-­‐screen  World:  Understanding  Cross-­‐plarorm  Consumer  Behavior  -­‐  August  2012
  33. 33. Smartphones  keep  us  connected   Source  :Google  -­‐    The  New  MulF-­‐screen  World:  Understanding  Cross-­‐plarorm  Consumer  Behavior  -­‐  August  2012
  34. 34. Tablets  keep  us  entertained   Source  :Google  -­‐    The  New  MulF-­‐screen  World:  Understanding  Cross-­‐plarorm  Consumer  Behavior  -­‐  August  2012
  35. 35. SequenQal  -­‐  There  are  two  modes  of  mulQ-­‐screening   Source  :Google  -­‐    The  New  MulF-­‐screen  World:  Understanding  Cross-­‐plarorm  Consumer  Behavior  -­‐  August  2012
  36. 36. Smartphones  are  the  most  common   starQng  place  for  online  acQviQes  (Refer  Myntra  Case  Study)     Source  :Google  -­‐    The  New  MulF-­‐screen  World:  Understanding  Cross-­‐plarorm  Consumer  Behavior  -­‐  August  2012
  37. 37. PCs  are  most  oYen  a  starQng  point  for   more  complex  acQviQes     Source  :Google  -­‐    The  New  MulF-­‐screen  World:  Understanding  Cross-­‐plarorm  Consumer  Behavior  -­‐  August  2012
  38. 38. Source  :Google  -­‐    The  New  MulF-­‐screen  World:  Understanding  Cross-­‐plarorm  Consumer  Behavior  -­‐  August  2012
  39. 39. Smartphones  allow  us  to  shop   at  home  or  on-­‐the-­‐go     Source  :Google  -­‐    The  New  MulF-­‐screen  World:  Understanding  Cross-­‐plarorm  Consumer  Behavior  -­‐  August  2012
  40. 40. Spontaneity  plays  a  major  role  in  shopping   Source  :Google  -­‐    The  New  MulF-­‐screen  World:  Understanding  Cross-­‐plarorm  Consumer  Behavior  -­‐  August  2012   Spur-­‐of-­‐the-­‐moment  vs.  Planned  shopping
  41. 41. We  oYen  move  from  one  screen   to  another  while  shopping     Source  :Google  -­‐    The  New  MulF-­‐screen  World:  Understanding  Cross-­‐plarorm  Consumer  Behavior  -­‐  August  2012
  42. 42. Consumers  take  a  mulQ-­‐device  path  to  purchase   Source  :Google  -­‐    The  New  MulF-­‐screen  World:  Understanding  Cross-­‐plarorm  Consumer  Behavior  -­‐  August  2012
  43. 43. SequenQal  screening  is  common  &   mostly  completed  within  a  day     Source  :Google  -­‐    The  New  MulF-­‐screen  World:  Understanding  Cross-­‐plarorm  Consumer  Behavior  -­‐  August  2012
  44. 44. People  are  never  going  to  learn  enough.     People  are  never  going  to  be  beginners.     People  will  always  be  learning.   -­‐  Allan  Cooper     Make it simple enough. Discoverability is a great tool for learning. Humans are hardwired and naturally intuitive to things that resonate to their gut
  45. 45. Why  Products  fail
  46. 46. •  Yahoo  Answers,  Quora,  forums,  Google  Search   •  If  there  are  alternatives  to  your  product  that   are  free,  you  may  have  a  difficult  Fme  geung   tracFon.   •  Most  people  don’t  want  to  pay  if  they  don’t   have  to.  It  may  be  helpful  to  offer  a  freemium   service.   Google Answers lasted 4 years and 8 months. Google Answers
  47. 47. •  Wave  is  what  email  would  look  like   if  it  were  invented  today.   •  Wave  didn’t  launch  as  an  MVP.   It  was  filled  with  lots  of  features   that  Google  assumed  people   wanted.     •  Complex  /  took  users  Fme  to   understand   •  it’s  be7er  to  start  small  and   launch  as  an  MVP.    Google Wave lasted 15 months. Google Wave
  48. 48. Oscars
  49. 49. Questions?   @RuthlessUx   Shaheena  Attarwala     09892777897


design thinking, User Experience, UX Seminar, UX Workshop

UX Workshop for #Startupbootcamp #Fintech

Because playing with #data is no child’s play,  Because playing with #data is no child’s play, Conducting an intensive UX Seminar for top 10 selected FinTech startups from across the globe by (Startupbootcamp FinTech) which is one of the worlds leading accelerator focused on financial innovation.


It’s important to understand as entrepreneurs the kind of users we are dealing with. And when it comes to numbers the job gets tougher by the hour. Trying to share insights on how data is the key and numbers need to be made chewable and more intuitive so that users don’t get intimidated by the service thats being provided.




Mentoring startups focusing on

Key Focus Areas Like


Advanced Analytics

Mobile Security

Investments & Personal Finance


Financial Inclusion

Identity & Authentication

P2P Lending

You could checkout the Seminar Content in the below section.



Seminar on  UX 101 Workshop – Context to Fintech conducted on Friday, March 10 – 2017



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design thinking, Interface Design, usability testing, User Behaviour, User Experience, UX Concepts, UX Knowledge, UX Methodology

Fitts’ Law in UX

Paul Fitts:

One of the founding fathers of Ergonomics, his famous “Fitt’s Law” (which predicts the time required to rapidly move to a target area, such as a button or control) is still in use today. Fitts was a psychologist who later served in the Air Force, where his work redesigning cockpits did a lot to improve aviation safety.

Relevance to UX:

It tracks the time it takes to point at something. Taking into consideration the size and distance of the target. Fundamentally it proves that its faster for you to hit larger targets closer to you than it is to hit smaller targets that are farther away from you.

If you look at the keys on your computer keyboard you will notice that the keys users press more often like the ‘enter’ key the ‘space bar’ and the ‘shift’ key are larger than the other modifying keys. These keys are larger so they are easier to hit.
They are also closer to the alpha numeric keys.key-board

Keys that are used less often like ‘alt’ delete’ ‘esc’ are farther away from the alphanumeric keys.

Similarly when designing an interface when a designer wants users to interact with their website interface or product they make sure they make it obvious. Targets or Buttons are easily located and easy to use. (Refer Below Image)


Its also signifies that the farther away a users mouse is and the smaller the onscreen target is the longer it takes for a user to move the cursor and click on target. (Refer Below Image)


Fitts Law of Curve:

For Small Size Objects:

The size of the target matters. The larger the target the easier it is to hit.


This might lead us to think that the larger buttons are always better. However this rule cannot be applied always. Fitts Law works on curve. Which means smaller objects are easier to click if they are made large.


For Large Size Objects – The Gutenberg diagram :

However larger objects are already large. So if they are made larger yet they won’t be easier to click. Because of this curve the benefits of increased size begin to decrease. This ensure proper proportions are given to objects and that the purpose is served for the same.

Placement of Objects Onscreen – :

Actual physical placement of your screen elements are very important. The Gutenberg Diagram shows that the users tend to move through the screen from TOP LEFT to BOTTOM RIGHT. Therefore important objects and buttons must be placed in the BOTTOM RIGHT.


Enter a caption

Designing in proportion and keeping in mind their appropriate usage is critical.


Text Links or One Word Link :

Always try and make a phrase a link rather than just one word.  (Refer image Below)

This makes the target link bigger and easier to click and understand.



Design for Different Devices :

Proper size, spacing and proportion of objects are crucial. Every item must be in sync and proportion to the other designed for serving the usage they are meant for.




User Experience is a facet of design that touches human lives in more than one ways. Its omnipresent. Physical or Virtual “experience” is something people remember more than the product. People remember how they “felt”. Many a times i see a lot of sites or for that matter even physical objects put so much effort in making a product or services complicated that the reaction users subconsciously feel is exactly how Deadpool describes in this reaction below!



Let’s see an example!

What i am reviewing today  the tea cup you see below which is  an apt example of putting the user under stress for no reason. There is a considerable amount of effort gone into making this cup a complicated one!




It’s what we call a bad execution of #productdesign and lack of #ux sensibilities. The cup is difficult to use. So clearly #user and #usability aspects of #userexperience have been blindly ignored here.

Even though the idea of the amalgamation of a wine glass and a coffee cup seems artistic and exciting but not good in terms of #industrial #design — at Khar Social.


To the designer who took the trouble to make this  cup!

Being a good user experience designer definitely involves creative imagination but it must be an enhanced version that’s not too far from usability if not reality itself. Imagine this the tea is hot, the upper portion occupies 75% of the hot liquid. Holding the cup with one hand is like trying to balance a Pyramid upside down on your finger tip. This might help you feel what i’m trying to convey.



Andy Kucharski-  Chicago

India is now moving ahead with the brilliant  #digitalIndia  campaign and now that alot of new ideas and technology are being embraced to make this campaign a successful  one, the first being the #netneutrality victory!

During the Drupal Con Asia Summit 2016 held at IIT Bombay – Powai I put forward my concerns on to some IT govt officials as to why our indian govt websites for eg: , and some more and lacking behind in terms of user experience and usability.

A healthy discussion with some Govt officials and Public Private Partnerships representatives, SME’s assured a better ux in the near future. They also asked me to send my feedback on how we can make things better on that front. Its a good start!

I also managed to collect alot of user feedback on the experience  they hav had using some of these websites.  Posting one of the Video Review i collected from

A Little About the Event:

The #drupalGov & #drupalcon summit at IIT Bombay ( ) was an amazing journey filled with vouching for the free open source softwares, drupal as a FOSS, tech, platforms, etc.

Interacting with members of DIETY (Department of Electronics & Information Technology  and National Informatics Centre Services Inc. (NICSI) India during the sessions was a great experience.


Review by

Shaheena Attarwala (UX & Usability specialist Mumbai)