RuthlessUx evaluates your design, conducts on-site training with your team and leads your strategy initiatives.

Many a times a Start-up does not need a full fledged Ux Overhaul. At time just a quick fix or a short term check solution just to figure out things and quickly put the product to test is required. RuthlessUx gives a quick review so that you can figure this out too.



Usability Testing

Observe and listen to customers use your designs (websites, mobile devices, prototypes). RuthlessUx studies and facilitate sessions to give you illuminating insight and concrete recommendations for improvement.

Benchmarking & Competitive Analysis

Understand your position in the marketplace through comparative studies with your competitors. We apply qualitative and quantitative techniques for collecting the information so you know how well you perform compared to your competitors.

Expert Design Review

RuthlessUx conducts a comprehensive analysis of your interface design and functions. The report includes a prioritized list of recommendations for helping you satisfy user requirements.

Information Architecture Analysis

RuthlessUx evaluates how well your content is organized, structured, and labeled by applying a research-driven systematic approach to collecting data so that the recommendations are based on evidence.

UX Strategy & Planning

Workshops and high-level management consulting on UX strategy, company organizational structures, and product development processes.

UX  Workshops and Mentoring

Providing in-house training that is custom-tailored to fit your team’s requirements, and build unified focus and understanding across multidisciplinary team members.

UX Mentoring at the TechVed Event UxPloration Conference 2016, Mumbai


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