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A video is worth a thousand words

Today as we have less patience and even less time, And with technology advancing in leaps and bounds and marketing becoming more and more dynamic to match upto the consumers needs and demands its more than important today to make sure your message is sent across is the right context to your potential customer and not lost in translation.

Creating a holistic user experience not only involves designing a seamless product but also designing communication thats pleasant and understood in its true form.

Recently at Wigzo Technologies  to serve this purpose we took a call to get an explainer video designed for our business.


Wigzo is a Contextual Marketing Platform- Dedicated to Marrying Machine Learning to Marketing. It helps marketers send Smarter Communication in Email or In-App. Which Means changing content in real time using Device, Location, Behaviour, Weather, and History. and build smarter more relevant communications. It means Real Time Personalisation of content in Email and In-App notifications. Marketers

Why do businesses need to put efforts in making right communication channels?

Humans process visual data batter than any other form of data representation. Visualisation works from a human perspective because humans respond and process visual data better than any other type of data.

Human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text, and 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual. 

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Since we are visual creatures by nature, we can use this skill to enhance data processing and organisational effectiveness.

Explainer videos are a good way to break the ice when it comes to communicating your product to your potential customers, this goes more for B2B businesses where the products directly affect the working & revenue of the businesses.

The most important aspect about communication is to get the message across in a consistent manner no matter where the delivery of the message is.

This also reduces the ambiguity which comes from manual communication. It is also a great way to leave a good recall value of your business in the minds of the people. Not only does an explainer video re-emphasize your brand value but also is a good package that can used in marketing your business. It also creates a good user experience for customers trying to explore and connect with your business.

It can serve as a good first touch point between your potential users and your business.



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It’s a website not a candy shop dear


Reviewing the new revamped website. Below is the RuthlessUX video review

Alot of products today are as confused about their branding as a woman who is unsure about what lipstick color will compliment her dress? *no sexism here. this is pure humor* seems to have hit the same space looks like. And looking at their candy shop look this is how i reacted:

How the site looks? giphy1

How i feel looking at it?


Candy Shop look:

Alot of brands like to be perceived as young and vibrant but this is the first of its kind attempt to look like a kid. Overall look gives me feel like im going to buy candies.


logo is black which is difficult to read and not visible

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