About Me

Ruthless UX Shaheena Attarwala

A usability narcissist! “Everything is designed and everything is simple. If it ain’t simple, It just ain’t designed well” – Shaheena Attarwala

UX Designer and Researcher based in Mumbai focused on user data, simple designs, usable and functional interfaces.
Aiming to reduce bad human experiences by creating more enjoyable, understandable and profitable products through a seamless amalgamation of Design Thinking, Research, Curiosity, Intuition and Logical Reasoning. Human behavior and cross-cultural experiences fascinate me, and so I love reaching out to people and sharing perspectives. I am also passionate about causes for children, education, health, sanitation and social impact.”
Mumbai based UX and Usability Expert Shaheena cannot stand any unfriendly and complicated user design!

Technology and innovation exists to make human lives more convenient and Design thinking for her is making things and technology simple to use and its application is real life possible with ease.



Born in a village in Uttar Pradesh where life is all about farming and simple living and bought up in a slum in Mumbai where being frugal is the only way to life,  i have seen life in the most raw and simple manner.  This experience has always attracted me towards minimalist, simplistic and uncomplicated segments of life and objects. Hence i am unapologetic about ruthlessly chopping out unwanted and complex snags in any product and user journeys.

Curiosity, intuitive and logical reasoning has always been her strongest feature element.

This curiosity leads her to be extremely passionate about understanding user behaviour and further delivering creative and innovative experiences that make lives simpler, happier.
She is constantly exploring, learning and executing better ways of interaction with products, services and experiences.

Shaheena loves to create more usable digital products through the power of user experience design and content strategy. Today, one of her major projects involves managing Wigzo, a SaaS platform that specializes in Business Intelligence and Contextual Marketing and She makes sure that Big Data Architecture for Data Analytics & Targeted ReMarketing looks visually effortless and easy to decipher through smooth user experience and sharp data visualization techniques.


Shaheena has worked been in tech start up like www.bookmyshow.com and www.shaadi.com where she has led user experience and user interface design.

Shaheena also runs Purple Cube Designs – www.purplecube.in , her digital content strategy and user experience consultancy founded in 2009.

She has also Co-founded a tech start-up www.truss.to in 2014, an online community for entrepreneurs & small business owners to exchange referrals in order to connect to potential clients.

Similarly she has also led user experience and product design projects for Start ups like www.eezyrent.com , www.justbuylive.com , www.eguardian.in , www.jot.academy

Shaheena has been working as a design strategist and UX designer across entertainment, educational, retail and communication services.

Experience includes strategic design, customer experience design, user research, product testing, user research, human centered design, digital strategy, user personas, user flow building and content as well.

Prior to Wigzo, Shaheena worked in building the User Experience practice at www.bookmyshow.com and www.shaadi.com There she led major redesign initiatives and managed a team.

Shaheena’s professional experience is in brand content strategy, digital experience and user experience design works she pursued after receiving an Diploma in Visual and Web Communication from NIIT.



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