It’s a website not a candy shop dear


Reviewing the new revamped website. Below is the RuthlessUX video review

Alot of products today are as confused about their branding as a woman who is unsure about what lipstick color will compliment her dress? *no sexism here. this is pure humor* seems to have hit the same space looks like. And looking at their candy shop look this is how i reacted:

How the site looks? giphy1

How i feel looking at it?


Candy Shop look:

Alot of brands like to be perceived as young and vibrant but this is the first of its kind attempt to look like a kid. Overall look gives me feel like im going to buy candies.


logo is black which is difficult to read and not visible


bad quality video really puts you off. Unlike for example an airbnb home page video which is more professional and clean


Search Bar:

is like a 2000 carpet area bedroom which can be totally converted into a beautiful apartment. I’m sure they hoped for an innovative approach but there is always user testing and feedback that can save you.


Kiddish fonts and way too big fonts especially for the kiddish fonts.

Cell phone section :

Looks like a Tata Docomo Section. Refer image below

Im just a click away? and its not clickable
No call to action to take a user further
Ask me anything is not clickable. When you invite a user to ASK you need to provide some foundation for them to question or reach you out.

The Bottom section looks more like a female fashion blog section which totally went wrong.

Goodluck with Customer Acquisition and Brand Value.



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