Be User Friendly not Over Friendly – Humans & Machines alike

“Be User Friendly not Over Friendly” Ever heard of law of diminishing marginal utility? The more we get of something the less we want of that thing. Of course there are exceptions!

More often than not products try to be over friendly by giving features to users that they feel the user might use which in reality is only an illusion they build for themselves. This all is done is good faith unfortunately the same is not reciprocated from the users end most of the time. User is a being of minimal and  simple needs when it comes to ux.

How Companies think users will react to their NEW Features?




How users actually respond most of the times to their NEW Features?



Now that i have established the  EMOTION i was trying to target i will drift to a more practical part of this article.



REVIEW: Elevator Call buttons

Almost all of us in our daily lives use elevators. Sometimes in offices, hospitals, malls, schools, colleges, residential buildings etc. More often than not its a hardwired part of our lives now and we are habituated to using it.



Real Life Scenario: I was visiting one of the banks in one of these corporate buildings. I was in a bit of rush and out of the 6 elevators present i went and stood by one of them and clicked the down button to call the elevator.



{Why people mostly click the down button: Based on my research: Firstly: it takes less effort to lift the hand up to the top button, secondly we as humans by default have a tendency to achieve the lowest hanging fruit i.e the Down button, thirdly: the main purpose of elevator is to take people to the higher floors as that is mostly . Hence our brain always calculates that someone has taken the lift to go to a higher floor and we assume we need to click on the down arrow to call the lift down}


Shaheena Attarwala.


  1. I dint get it.. Why would you click the down button if u want to go up.. I don’t see people doing this


    1. The question is about calling the elevator to the floor you are at. The communication there is unclear. Alot of middle aged people just land up clicking the down button and stand realizing later the elevator is not arriving as they have pressed the incorrect button


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