UX is everywhere

The world is moving ahead of time and and at a speed that’s not so easy to catch up with. With new innovative products and services cropping up everyday one needs to be at ease of having good life experiences to cherish every moment and that happens with beautiful experiences. Thats how we can sum up what GOOD USER EXPERIENCE is all about.
An amalgamation of past present learnings and our instinctual reactions to current situations. Sounds romantic.
User Experience is all about the EXPERIENCE that a  user feels after or while interacting with a product, service, environment or company. This is what makes his perception of the whole.
Experiences can only be felt. It can never be hardcoded and hence these are subjective and they directly deal with INDIVIDUAL FEELINGS and THOUGHTS of human beings and plays on human PSYCHOLOGY to take decisions and behave in a particular way.
A smell in a room is a very good example of physical bad user experience.
It extends from a chair design to kitchen design to a toy design.
Mind you experience design is different from UI or graphic design.
NO! a bed bug in your bed is not an example of bad user experience is a proof that the bed us unhygienic.
UX also covers a person’s perceptions of the practical aspects such as utility, ease of use and efficiency of the system. User experience is dynamic, because it changes over time as the circumstances change.
User Experience Technology is extensively deployed in the digital world with more and more products becoming digitised.
Precisely why its more important for people to be more acquainted with it.

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